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Island of Elba and Tuscan Archipelago Hiking: excursions and trekking holidays.

One day hiking excursions and weekends / one whole week trekking

Practicing trekking on the Island of Elba means retracing its inhabitants thousand-year old history, from prehistoric caves to ancient stone villages, coming across along the way Etruscan furnaces and fortresses or ancient granite quarries where Romans used to “craft” their columns.

You can even recollect the Saracen raids era by visiting battlefields, fortifications as well as destroyed and never built again villages.

Walking on Elba Island will allow you to discover all of the above and more, thanks to the great concentration of interests this small but great island has to offer.

Moreover, Elba trekking trails offer a variety of itineraries with different landscapes, vegetation and degree of difficulty, ranging from paths surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, to hiking ones in the woods or up on the mountains.

That is not all, Il Viottolo provides trekking excursions also onto the islands of Pianosa, Capraia, Giglio and around the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Naturalistic hiking tours, one-day walks or proper trekking holidays around Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago, itinerant excursions over a weekend or a whole week, nature hikes for small groups, walking tours on Elba and the other Archipelago islands.

All hiking tours are guided and include transfers of the participants to the starting point of our routes as well as technical assistance

Great Crossing Elba by trekking (G.T.E. Elba)

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Trekking to discover Elba mines

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Elba crossing by trekking

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Sunrise from the Archipelago highest peak

Hiking – Tuscan Archipelago Crossing

Great crossing of the Tyrrhenian Sea


Hiking weekend on Mount Capanne


Trekking Weekend on Elba Island

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Group travel tours- trekking excursions

Trekking on Elba and Pianosa – Long Weekend program:

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Trekking on Elba and Pianosa – Weekend program