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Ours Philosophy

Elba Island, the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, Pianosa, Montecristo, Corsica are the backdrop that for over ten years ago has been the backdrop for our trekking, mountain biking and kayaking activities. Il Viottolo is an environmental excursion guide center specializing in green tourism, nature holidays, travel and trekking holidays and sports holidays on the Island of Elba with itineraries that range from purely sporting to naturalistic aspects, trekking excursions on paths, guided excursions by mountain bike on paths and white roads or in steep freeride and other multi-sport excursions (trekking, mtb, kayak, sailing) allow you to deepen the relationship with our uncontaminated lands. We have always combined sporting commitment (whether trekking, kayaking or mountain biking) with the spirit of adventure in full respect of nature, the environment and the artistic heritage that characterize the Island of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago. By refining your senses and preparing for unique sensations you will fully enjoy excursions by sea kayak, sailing boat to discover the Cetacean Sanctuary and the coasts of the Island of Elba.

We want to create a friendly relationship with those who experience our excursion. For this reason we recommend groups of up to eight people for our Elba kayak and mtb trekking excursions. Our environmental excursion guides are all qualified but in particular they are passionate about the mission of “Il Viottolo” and deeply connected to the territory of the island of Elba. Elba is our island and remaining faithful to our philosophy we arrived in Corsica to the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago acquiring deep knowledge of the territories close to us thanks to the frequentation over time.

We will guide you on excursions on trekking routes and all terrain mountain bike itineraries Elba and the other islands, making you admire spectacular paths, a nature still intact and full of life, you will discover the traces of a millennial history and you will know the culture of a people who, in the over the centuries, it has absorbed the cultural and genetic influences of the civilizations that have emerged and developed in the Mediterranean Sea. Trekking excursions among the traces of prehistoric civilizations, to the granite areas of the Monte Capanne massif, to the mines sector always rich in precious materials for the populations that in the various historical periods have alternated, Etruscan, Roman, pirate raids. From Marina di Campo to Rio nell’Elba, from Marciana to Capoliveri, lands dominated by the French, the British and the Spanish.

Everyone left traces of their passage to the island of Elba. Strongholds everywhere: in Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro. Impregnable ramparts that have resisted violent raids before and over time to the present day. But in addition to hiking Elba trekking and mountain biking, also weekly raids with a tour of Elba or other islands or daily excursions by sea kayak (canoe) paddling among the rocks and hidden beaches of the splendid coasts of the Island of Elba and the ‘Tuscan archipelago. In an hour you can cross the canal with the Elba island ferries: paradise is at your fingertips.

With us you will immerse yourself in the pure essence of the local populations experiencing unrepeatable moments. You will run the risk of falling in love with Elba, our lands and our seas and you will never abandon Il Viottolo which, we are convinced, we will leave within you.