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We explore with mask and fins the archipelago seabed Toscano

Snorkeling on the island of Elba and Pianosa island in the largest marine park in Europe

Snorkeling is the observation activity of the underwater landscape made on the surface of the water with the use of a mask and snorkel. The waters of the Tuscan archipelago are particularly suitable for this activity because they are very transparent and full of life. Thanks to our excursions everyone will have the opportunity to get in close contact and recognize the marine animal and vegetable organisms of the Mediterranean sea, fish, algae, sponges, crabs, hedgehogs and starfish.
The national park of the Tuscan archipelago is the largest marine park in Europe, entirely included in the international marine mammal sanctuary “ Pelagos “. Crystal clear waters with seabed rich in biodiversity make it an ideal place for snorkelling. Observe and learn to recognize marine species always accompanied by an expert environmental guide in total safety.

Snorkeling excursions to the island of Elba at wreck of the Elviscot motor ship , among hundreds of Occhiate, Castagnole and Saraghi.

Snorkeling excursions to the Pianosa island in the incredibly transparent waters of Cala dei Turchi.

The excursions start directly from the beach after a brief explanation on the use of a mask and fins and an introduction to the marine environment. Suitable for everyone, beginners, experts, adults and children, it is essential to know how to swim, be curious and have a little spirit of adventure.

escursioni e vacanze Isola d'Elba


snorkeling all'isola d'Elba

Snorkeling on Pianosa

snorkeling sul relitto

The wreck of the Elviscot motor ship