Snorkeling on Pianosa

Snorkeling in the protected marine area

Snorkeling at Cala dei Turchi, in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park


Pianosa Island is probably the most fascinating place to practice snorkeling in safety, in a truly uncontaminated sea inserted in the integral protection area of ​​the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

On the island of Pianosa there has been a penal colony and maximum security prison for about 150 years, which with its prohibitions has “involuntarily” protected a sea belt of a marine mile that extends all around the island. The ban on navigation, anchoring and fishing has excellently preserved the unique characteristics of these backdrops. Since the closure of the prison, about 20 years ago, this strip of sea has been completely inserted within the borders of the Tuscan archipelago national park and the same restrictions are maintained.

The snorkeling activity at the rocky Cala dei Turchi can only be carried out accompanied by an environmental guide or park guide, together we will discover the diversity and richness of the marine species that populate the shallows of the flat island: groups of sea bream and glances, sea bream and wandering snappers, the mysterious stingrays, large and friendly groupers, will be easy to observe, free to live undisturbed in their natural environment.


About 1.5 hours (with introduction to the marine environment on land and use of equipment)


Medium / Easy


€ 15 per person including equipment (excluding boat ticket)

Dates on request with departure in Aquavision motor shipAquavision from Marina di Campo, Elba or Piombino