Municipality: Isola del Giglio.

Province: Grosseto.

Geographical position: the most southern among the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; is 12 km from the Tyrrhenian coast, 14 km from the Island of Giglio.

Shape and dimensions: semicircular crescent moon shape; it develops for a maximum width of about 500 meters and a length of just over 2.5 Km.

Surface area: 2.62 Km2; Coastal development: 11 Km.

Maximum height: Poggio Capel Rosso (88 meters s.l.m.).

Inhabitants: 9 residents, but about 20 people gravitate on the island during the winter season.

Once you get off the ground in one of the two possible landings, you immediately realize that Giannutri is more island than the others, this not only for its size but above all for its conformation. Walking along its paths the feeling is that of being on a large natural pier. At certain times of the year the real masters of the island are the seagulls seen the incredible number of specimens that frequent and nest there; together with that of Montecristo, in fact, the colony of Giannutri is the most important of the southern Tuscan Archipelago. In spring the island is dressed in flowers and the rough limestone strips are filled with colorful euphorbia cushions. Beautiful and spectacular the southern coast, where behind the great lighthouse opens the fantastic cliff of the Grottoni, a set of cracks and caves that sink into the sea.