Municipality: Portoferraio.

Province: Livorno.

Geographical position: located in the Tyrrhenian Sea; is 63 Km from the Argentario, 45 Km from the Island of Elba and 43 Km from Giglio.

Shape and dimensions: wide and low pyramid shape; it is, in terms of size, the fourth island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Surface area: 10.39 Km2; Coastal development: 16 Km.

Maximum height: Monte Fortezza (645 meters s.l.m.).

Inhabitants: a guardian with his family and, in turn, two forest guards.

For those who really love nature, the visit of this island is something special. As soon as it appears, one immediately feels captivated by the grandeur of its polished granite coasts and has an immediate sense of respect towards it. It will be its shape, its position, the colors of its sea, it will be its jagged peaks, its silences, but in front of her it feels really insignificant. Walking along its steep paths you do not think about fatigue, so much is the desire to know and discover its mysteries. Inhospitable island has given shelter to pirates, saints and monks, protagonists of the legends about dragons and treasures that for centuries have been populating the imagination of writers and sailors.