Environmental Education

Environmental education centre for schools, within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Il Viottolo offers a wide variety of environmental education programs to interpret a territory rich in history and nature; in addition to its invaluable biodiversity heritage, the Tuscan Archipelago boasts a past made up of ancient civilizations, thousand-year old mining, geological and mineralogical researches, and ancient traditions;


Dedicated to school trips intended as study holidays on the Island of Elba, our environmental education programs combine the educational side of guided tours around Elba and the other Tuscan Archipelago islands, to outdoor physical activity.


Environmental Education Programs



On the Islands of Elba, Pianosa, Capraia, Giglio and Giannutri.



Nature excursions to discover and learn while having fun.



On foot, by mountain bike, kayak and sailing boat, or  with fins, mask and snorkel



All year round.


Who with?

With environmental guides and Park guides.


Who for?

For those who believe educational trips should be unforgettable experiences.


What are we going to discover?

The history of our islands: stone villages and protohistoric necropolis; Etruscan settlements and fortifications; villas, harbours and ancient Roman granite quarries; iron and copper mines with a thousand-year old story; fortresses and medieval towers; hermitages, sanctuaries, churches and  small chapels, key locations of the Napoleonic chapter, military emplacements used over the big wars ..


The varying and spectacular panorama of our territories, elevations and coasts always different in shape, all illuminated by  alight that reflects into the sea then expands to enhance warm and clear Mediterranean colours.


The prosperity of natural habitats and their endemism: cliffs covered in Mediterranean coast greenery, marsh areas, wetlands, sand dune systems, inland cliffs; the most pristine marine habitats among the Mediterranean, a lush forest vegetation along a variegated Mediterranean one, scrubland, steppes and therophytic meadows, orchids.

An amazing wildlife heritage for such small islands, together with an avifauna, both sedentary and migratory, that attracts birdwatchers from all over Europe.


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