Municipality: Isola del Giglio.

Province: Grosseto.

Geographical position: located in front of the Argentario promontory from which it is about 15 km, is the second largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago; is 43 Km from Montecristo, 52 Km from Elba and 110 Km from Corsica.

Shape and dimensions: completely mountainous, it develops along an axis NNO and SSE and presents the highest altitudes along the central ridge; it has a length of about 8.7 km and a width of 4.5 km.

Surface area: 21.2 Km2; Coastal development: 28 Km.

Maximum height: Poggio della Pagana (496 meters s.l.m.).

Inhabitants: around 1600.

To welcome us at our arrival is the seaside village of Giglio Porto, full of colors, narrow streets and small shops, with its old houses that open to fan following the course of the quay. Having the good fortune to go around the island by boat, in addition to admire a truly crystalline sea we discover that the coast is a succession of small coves and beautiful bays, above which you can read the economic history of the island: the terraced slopes to vineyards, granite quarries and the remains of iron mines are a clear testimony of the work of the past. But our gaze rises even higher and is immediately conquered by the Castle and its mighty walls. From inside it is easy to travel with the mind and scrutinizing the horizon from the fortress it seems to relive the battles and the bloody Saracen raids.