Hiking weekend on Mount Capanne

On the summit of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

On the summit of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Two days of guided tours to discover the highest mountain of Elba Island and the whole archipelago, accompanied by specialized guides and an assistance minibus always on call to solve any emergency.

Hiking weekend on Mount Capanne program

1st day

Arrival to the port of Piombino by your own means of transport, boarding onto the ferry to Portoferraio, transfer from Portoferraio harbour to the hotel, rooms allocation, dinner, overnight stay.

2 nd day

Poggio – Pomonte trekking , length 16 km maximun altitutde 1019

3rd day

Marciana – Chiessi trekking , length 13 km maximun altitutde 634

4th day

Breakfast, transfer to Portoferraio harbour, departure to Piombino

Excursions Itineraries

1st day
Itineray: Poggio – Pomonte

Length: km 15.850
Travel time: 7 hourscirca
Interest: naturalistic , archeological; historical; panoramic

Setting off from Poggio (350 m.a.s.l.), a small fortified medieval village characterized by picturesque alleys adorned with lush hydrangeas, we climb up Valle Grande with its age-old chestnut woods up to San Cerbone Hermitage. A sanctuary in the vicinity of “Grotta del Santo”, built in 1421AD by Benedictines monks and where San Cerbone retired to in the latest years of his life, before dying in 1534 AD. Once left the Sanctuary, we start our ascent towards Mount Capanne (1019 m.a.s.l.), initially on a path underneath chestnut trees, then across steep “macei” (large granite slabs) surrounded by holm oaks. About 40 minutes after leaving the hermitage, we get to a caprile (a stone shelter once used by local shepherds) and to a “chiuso” (fenced area for livestock). From here our path becomes much more panoramic and while overlooking the lush “Valle della Nivera”, leads us to Mount Capanne summit (the highest point on the island) where you can get to enjoy an incomparable view not only over Elba but also over the other Tuscan Archipelago islands, Corsica and a large stretch of Tuscan coast. From Capanne we descend rather rapidly towards “Le Filicaie” (870 m.a.s.l.), a small plateau halfway between Capanne and Mount Calanche, then further down towards the rock overhang shelters of “La Grottaccia” , then across ” Cenno” ridge where mouflons live undisturbed under the watchful eye of buzzards and peregrine falcons, to finally reach Elba’s largest upland fortification : “Le Mure”, an ancient stone village once inhabited by Villanovan populations, destroyed in 453 BC by Syracusans and never built up again; today, what is left of the original structure is a significant part of the wall perimeter (some sections even more than 2 meters high) as well as quite few hand cut stones, later in time used by shepherds to build shelters and fence off areas. Here, we start to descend towards Pomonte through “Valle del Poio”, a valley crossed by a stream characterized by waterfalls and ponds, that is never short of water even in the summertime. This great valley (the largest on the island) had been terraced from the sea up to 640 meters and cultivated with vines; nowadays most of the vineyards have been abandoned, but a kind of vast granite amphitheater remains as an evidence of the hard labour of Elba peasants. Our excursion terminates in Pomonte, among lemon trees and white houses overlooking the sea.

2nd day Itineray: Marciana – Chiessi/h5>
Distance: km 12.8
travel time: 6 hours
interest: naturalistic, panoramic, Historical

We set off from Marciana (408 m.a.s.l.) the island highest village, built on the north ridge of Monte Capanne granite massif. Through the solemn and steep alleys of this medieval little town we reach its 1200 AD fortress, then take the fairly easy path of Via Crucis that leads us to Madonna del Monte (630 m.a.s.l.), a seventeenth century sanctuary surrounded by hundreds of years old chestnut trees and characterized by an elegant granite fountain from the same era. Once left the sanctuary, we continue towards Masso dell’Aquila (634 m.a.s.l.), a wonderful spot where to enjoy a view over the northern side of the Tuscan archipelago, as well as over Corsica, Capraia and the Tuscan coast on clear days. Our walk continues on a pretty accessible path almost entirely paved in granite that once connected Marciana to Chiessi, across a very sundry vegetation ranging from arbutus, heather, cistus and broom, all typical of the Mediterranean scrub to a grove of chestnut trees, oaks and holm oaks. Further on, we get to ‘Semaforo’ (599 m.a.s.l.) , a very important World War II military outpost used until 1954 to watch maritime traffic amid the Corsican channel and eventually raise alarm. We then descend through now abandoned vineyards, once producers of fine wines, in the direction of Chiessi, a small village of whitewashed houses by the sea, that still conserves a typical western Elba ambience, where locals have always been engaging more with Corsica than with Italy.

Other dates on request ( min 4 people)


€ 290 on person (€ 350 on easter and bridge)
Package includes: : 2 full days of guided trekking excursions, each respectively long: Km 18,5 + 21,4 (highest point 1019 m.a.s.l.) 3 overnight stays in a double room with half board at a 2 or 3 star hotel, a return foot passenger ferry ticket to/from Elba, all transfers within the island (up to to 8 people), insurance, technical assistance during the excursions
Package does not includes: own journey to / from Piombino or any other port of departure, an eventual return ferry ticket for vehicles, meals, extras or anything not specified under “Package includes”.
Note: possibility of programs and rates fitted for large groups