Trekking to discover Elba mines

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Trekking excursions among 3000 years old mines

Eastern Elba holds a mineralogical heritage of exceptional historical and archaeological importance. Since ancient times, Elba’s iron ore has always been considered exceptional; the extraction of Oligist, a shining local hematite, first initiated by Etruscans then carried on over nearly 3000 years of history, has formed both the territory and eastern Elba people.

Minerals have been extracted for more than two centuries: in ancient times by digging tunnels, then, from 800 AD, mining cultivations started being conducted open-air through the tearing down of large horizontal mountain sections, creating at the same time an evocative panorama of wide concentric terraces .

Nowadays, for the first time, it is feasible to take guided tours on foot or by mountain bike around such a surreal location, to discover and get to know one of the most interesting and fascinating environments on Elba. Walking is the way to enter into full harmony with the magical mining world. We can observe, touch and weigh minerals, as well as to revoke, helped by the many artefacts, a thousand-year old extraction practice, part of the history and culture of this side of the island, generally full- blooded and anarchical. While wandering along the mine colorful paths, we will have an opportunity to deepen the many natural and historical aspects of this exceptional open-air museum. At the end of our excursions, we will take a short guided tour around the mining museum, to admire mineral samples, historical photos, maps and various relics.

Half day: Tuesdays and Thursdays only , 9am -1pm € 40 / per person. Children up to 12 years of age (accompanied by parents): 50% off