Sunrise from the Archipelago highest peak

Trekking Excursion by night under a full moon all the way to the summit, to then watch the sunrise over the Tuscan Archipelago

An excursion that allows to experience a wonderful nocturnal trekking as well as to admire the light of a new day from a wonderful location. As the night gives way to daylight, we will get to see the sun rise from the Tuscan coast silhouette then shine over all of the island mountainous rumples. Dawn at the top of a mountain while the night breeze gives way to daytime tepidity, will provide beautiful emotions that will stay with us for a very long time.

Itinerary: M.te Perone – M.te Capanne- M.te Perone
lenght: km 9,8.
travel time:  5 hours.
Difficulty: medium
interest: historical, naturalistic, panoramic.
Partenza:  Monte Perone parking

Calendar 2018

on the saturday (start time depending on the period)


€ 40,00 on person